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Wedding photo booth ideas for 2018

Weddings are the greatest parties ever.

If you feel the same way, then you should adore wedding photo booths, too. There are so many great ways to make one photo remarkable, so I don’t know where to start from. I decided to share with you my list of the best wedding photo booth ideas in case you are going to organize a wedding party 2018. Of course, you can make all these props and backdrops for yourself and hire a photo booth service in Singapore or you can just hire a photo booth service and use their backdrops and props.

Simple is more!

This slogan is again right and you can see it in trends not only in wedding photography but in fashion, advertising etc. If you want to have a fairytale wedding you probably have chosen white color for your main color but do you know what is best combined with white? Lights! Add some lights behind some old white curtain and feel the magic. If you want to feel like in a scary movie, you can hang the lights directly on the wall (Thank you, Stranger Things!). However, to be consistent and to follow the romantic feeling, white curtain should be included.

Garlands for a photo booth

Garlands are amazing especially when they are hanged above a sofa. Find some coach and move it to the wall, hang garlands and some decoration and you are good to go. Garlands can be with glitter or with flowers, too. It will be a good idea if you have garlands of letters. Cute quotes are pretty fancy, too.

Coach and flowers

For the greatest backdrop ever, you can combine a coach in some fresh color and flowers. It doesn’t matter if the flowers are fresh or fake, they were included because of their colors not because of their freshness. If you want to get achieve the best romantic results, you should try to combine colors like yellow, pink or light blue. We promise that photo booth like this will become a favorite place for all your guests.

Additional advice is to place the photo booth next to the dancing. I have a GIF photo booth in Singapore for my wedding and it was right next to the dance floor so people were encouraged to make crazy fun photos. We have hired Ubersnap a wedding photo booth service provider and we were glad that they were such professionals. They even recommended us how to make the best GIF photos because you may not know but it is a really hard task.

Doors and Lace for a traditional backdrop

Photos will be amazing if your wedding is an outdoor wedding. A lot of couples choose someplace outside with a lot of nature and fresh air. Backdrops can be part of the surrounding and if you add some lace, magic is happening. Lace is a powerful tool for all photo sessions not only for photo booths. Doors are another great thing that you can use. If you manage to find some old door, use it! The door is a symbol of the new life, no matter how old the paint on the door is.

Tree and lace

One of my favorite ideas is using a tree and to hang up some lace on it. You can use it with balloons, too. The green color highlights people in the photo, so they can look awesome. If your wedding takes place in autumn, then the tree will be colorful and the effect will be double.

There are some magical tools like lace, trees, and balloons that are able to convert your photos into masterpieces. Photo booths are not something magical but your photos will be. Don’t forget that the most important thing is to have fun during your wedding no matter what kind of backdrop or props you will have.