8 things you should know before liposuction

04 November

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8 things you should know before liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in 21 century.

Almost everyone knows what liposuction is. Unlike other popular things, lipo doesn’t get out of style although there are many new procedures. Of course, there is an explanation for this fact.

Nowadays people have a different lifestyle from their predecessors. Modern people work in offices and eat regularly fast food. A big part of the humanity has almost no sports activities during their day. In addition, modern people use different methods of traveling and walking on foot is almost forgotten. The reason is that everyone wants to save time for more important things. Result — shortage of time becomes increased body weight. Of course, this is causing a lot of troubles; our bodies and self-esteem are suffering. That’s why most people are struggling to find different ways of losing unwanted kilos. Liposuction is a fast efficient way to do it. Removing body fat surgically is old practice, carried out on these spots where more fat deposits are collected. For example, thighs and tummy liposuction are two of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, says Tummytucksingapore.com. Most of the women want to have thin thighs and flat tummy in order to have a high self-esteem. But liposuction is procedure not only for women. There are a lot of men patients who need to reduce their weight improving their health condition. We know that many people will choose to have liposuction and we have gathered some things you should know before the surgery.

  1. Liposuction is not enough. Usually, people think that having a lipo will guarantee them that they are not going to follow diets anymore. It is not true. Liposuction is targeting sucking of the patient’s mass deposits. But it is absolutely not enough so the patient should follow diet and exercise after the recovery. It doesn’t matter what kind of liposuction the patient won’t avoid diet and exercises.

Gaining weight in future is possible if the patient is not having a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Liposuction is for sculpting your body is not for changing everything in it. If the patient is really close to his perfect fit then liposuction is recommended because the surgery will finish the job.
  2. It is a surgery and there is a recovery time. So the patient will see the final results as soon as the swelling disappears. There are fluids which will make your body look puffy, too.
  3. Finding the right surgeon is essential. No matter of the type of the procedure you should choose a surgeon who has enough experience and will achieve targeted results.
  4. The patient should expect a little pain first few days after the cosmetic surgery. But it is not as bad as most people think. There is a lot of swelling, though. The level of swelling depends on the experience of the cosmetic surgeon. But have in mind that miracles are not possible.
  5. Because of the fluids which the body administrates, the patient will gain weight. Of course, this is a temporary effect but most people don’t know it and panic. The result after liposuction should be losing centimeters, not kilos.
  6. You can’t run away from compression garment. You should wear it after the liposuction during the recovery period. Some people are really lucky and have to wear it only a few weeks, but some are not. A compression garment will help the body to recover and the swelling to disappear.
  7. Liposuction will not save you from cellulite; in addition, it could make it looks worse. If the surgeon removes fat deposits unequally, the cellulite will be more obvious.


Everyone is a good candidate for liposuction but the perfect is this person who is close to his perfect weight. Have in mind that lipo will only sculpt your body without changing it a lot. Liposuction is suitable for only specific areas which are not affected by diet or exercise. It is really important patient’s skin to have a good elasticity because after the surgery the skin would adapt to the improved shape. However, most people have unrealistic expectations and they are disappointed with the results. If you have an experienced surgeon he should explain to you what the possible goals are after the liposuction. Don’t forget that no matter that lipo is a surgical procedure you should make some additional efforts to preserve the results as long as possible.


8 things you should know before liposuction
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