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The advantages of international schools in Singapore

Probably, you have heard that there are international schools in Singapore and some children benefits from them. We will take a look why these international schools are better than regular ones. Of course, our review will be as much objective as possible so keep reading especially if you have a kid ready to go to school. Of course, you always can pick a specialized school like art school or English school for your kid, but the international school will be a much better choice.

It is true that one international school can be a big expense and before having this big decision we have to be sure that the expense is justifiable. Most schools in their price list don’t include everything so you should ask for additional taxes, the price of uniforms etc. If you have chosen several schools already and you want to check if you have decided right enjoy our review.

School years matter!

Have you heard the story of Tarzan? This is a famous story about a kid who is lost in the woods and live with animals for years. Society and environment have changed him so much that he becomes a great human with animal habits. This is a scary example, but it is the right one. While our kids are growing, they form their opinion and knowledge about the world. If they are limited in their perceptions, they become limited in their knowledge, too. There is another great story with almost the same conclusion. There was a boy chained in a cave who was able to see only the shadows of people. He was sure that shadows were those things that speak, laugh and moves to the moment he managed to unchain himself.

Of course, this is just a story it was never a real-life experience but it shows how our ability to know different things can limit our perception. Every parent wants to give the widest education to his children. Realizing the idea that we live in a multicultural environment, wide means wider than you can expect.

International schools in Singapore give the opportunity to meet children all over the world and share an experience.

It may sound like something unimportant but exactly communication with other children shapes emotional maturity and continuity. On the other hand, there are many children who are for the first time in Singapore and need time to adapt. There is nothing more useful for every confused kid than an educator and classmates who had the same experience already. International schools in Singapore have the best educators and teachers and the results of the students compared with the results of students from the whole country.



International schools facilities

Undoubtedly, educators are the most important part of one school but it is not a rarity, facilities to matter, too. It is extremely important for children to feel comfortable, in order to be capable to focus and concentrate. If one kid doesn’t feel calm and save his ability to learn decrease drastically. That’s why school facilities should be intended to increase the useful effect.

In Addition, in international schools in Singapore, like GEMS World Academy, there are many sports facilities, that are giving students the opportunity to develop their athletic abilities. Sports activities are as important as academic ones especially when we are talking about children health and body. Good, healthy body shape gives advantage and better concentration. That’s why school who have football playgrounds, libraries, auditorium and different art rooms are better schools. For example, one music room can improve your musical culture of your child, kids library can offer a children’s books with more images and bigger letters. These are only a few examples why international schools in Singapore worth their money.