Art classes are important part of child’s education

27 October

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by kvision
Art classes are important part of child’s education

Every child should receive the best possible education. But what is included in the best education? Most people think that math and language classes are just enough but recent studies show that art classes are more important than they look like. Engineering and technology come aftermath and basic language skills but what does come before them? Three years old child can not read or multiply numbers. Toddlers are capable only of playing games and drawing bad but unique pictures. At the same time between the third and the fifth year, kids are developing the biggest part of their brains. This means that games and arts are doing more than creating a fun distraction for kids while their parents wait they become big enough to go to school. The fact is that arts make them learn fundamental skills.

Of course, the most obvious skill kids acquire is creativity.

Let me ask you a question which easier expressing yourself with a number or with a drawing? If you don’t feel like 5 today, then probably the drawing is the answer. In art classes in Singapore, like Muzart, children learn how to express their thoughts while drawing. A simple explanation is that there are plenty ways of drawing a tree and children are free to be creative.

If your kid is only 3 or 4 years old probably he has motor skill difficulties yet. In art classes curriculum there are plenty activities which aim is to improve children’s posture and movements. Children learn easily how to hold a brush and a pen and how to scribble with a crayon. For grown people, this may look silly but for a child holding scissors and cutting paper with it, is equal of a magic.

Art class Singapore develops confidence, too. Let us explain why. Every man has a comfort zone which includes his own territory and friends. While kids are sharing their arts with each other, they expand their comfort zone. They cope with a fear of getting up on a stage and what you need to overcome fear — confidence. Brave children are taught that they will make mistake eventually, and they should fix it and go on. This is a really important lesson that every child should learn — mistakes are what you need for success. Another great thing is receiving a feedback. Sometimes the feedback is not positive and children should know how to improve their performance and receive the negative feedback.

If you think that art schools are not serious education, think again.

Art schools in Singapore develop more than just creativity in the children. They develop complete individuals who are able to achieve academic rewards and gain success in math and science. A study shows that children who have developed a strong art education in their first years of education have more significant achievements in their lives later. OK, but why? MuzArt School in Singapore helps children to become better problem solvers. Imagine that you have to draw how you feel you will make a decision what to draw on this white paper, right? Playing games and participating in art activities kids have to make a lot of decisions. If decisions are affecting other kids, then the child realizes that he is responsible for the success of the project. Collaboration is a great thing and improves social skills and the ability to work in a team, which is one of the most important things for grown people.

It is all known fact, people communicate with body language even more than they communicate with speech. In every art school in Singapore, children are taught what facial expressions are and how to articulate properly. One of the most important abilities that children will acquire during art classes in Singapore is perseverance. Don’t mistake this one with stubbornness. Perseverance means that the kid should wait patiently till the art is complete and then to show it to the others. Putting effort in and dedication in one piece of art is giving just the right amount of patience they will need in life later.

As you can see, art class is way more important for kids than it seems to be. It looks like fun, but it is serious activity, too. Choosing an art class for your kid is like giving him leverage in life.


Art classes are important part of child’s education
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