Do you know why your hair is thin?

23 March

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by kvision
Do you know why your hair is thin?

You can’t argue with genes. If you inherit some thick blond hair then you are one lucky man or woman. Otherwise, you fight with the thin hair daily and try to find the best way to take care of it, while it looks gorgeous. Both things are hard to accomplish at the same time but it is not impossible. Often the difference between thick hair and thin one are few simple habits that you should change. is digging deeper into daily routines and try to understand how to stop hair loss first.

How often should I wash my hair?

Many young people who just started to pay attention to their appearance have this issue. They don’t want to walk around with greasy hair but they don’t want to damage it, too. Old books claim that if you wash your hair too often it will become thinner. It is a myth! Actually, if you wash it too rare, then the dirt will make it worse so wash your hair at least once every three days. If you love how showers, we are going to disappoint you. As hot the water is as damaging it is for your hair. How water washes oil the oils from the hair, we mean protective oils. In addition, it will open up pores in the scalp and will encourage it to produce more oil to keep up. This may lead to unstable follicles and thin hairs.

Is it OK to use a hair dryer?

As we notice, too hot water is not the right answer, but what about the hair dryer and how air. Every hair has a protective cuticle, which saves it from different damages. How air can destroy this cuticle easily and the hair is predisposed to breakage. Next time when you are not in a hurry, skip the hair dryer. If you have to use it, then apply a heat protection spray and start at the coolest level.

Let’s talk about the diet

As you may know, food is equal to power. Let me explain you something – food is equal to everything. Limiting your food means that you are limiting your body supplies. What is the normal reaction of your body? It focuses on the main functions, like brain activity and heart rate while skipping some other, like hair and nails nutrition. Next time you are on a diet, make sure you are not missing some essential nutrients. If you need an example, check online for anorexic patients and you will notice that they all have hair loss. If you want to know how to stop hair loss, while you are on a diet, just ask some specialist what you have to eat. Don’t forget that hair is created by proteins, so you shouldn’t skip them from your diet.



How should we dry our hair?

The answer is careful. We have discussed already that water might wash out the useful oils and hair is left vulnerable to the hair dryer. If you want to destroy the hair try to brush it while it is wet. She will scream loudly without the ability to scream with a real voice. In the end, you will notice more broken hairs. The best option

Do you know why your hair is thin?
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