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Dryer vent cleaning is important

Dryer vent cleaning is important if you want to keep your dryer in a good condition and increase its efficiency. Lint, clogs, nests and other debris collect inside the dryer vent lines over time and this affects the efficiency of the dryer. It needs regular clean-ups. Regular dryer vent cleaning offers many benefits to your dryer and property. 

Dryer vent cleaning is important

For this reason it’s not recommended to leave your dryer vent unserviced for too long. Regular dryer vent inspections are also recommended once a year.

Experts recommend us to clean dryer vents once a year. Proper and regular dryer vent cleaning is an important part of the correct maintenance of your dryer vent and also home or business building. 

It can help you not only avoid the risk of fire in your property, but it can also be beneficial to your health and energy bill. Regular dryer vent cleaning is an important chore as it can save you time and money in the long run.

There are a couple of reasons why dryer vent cleaning is important.

Main benefits of dryer vent cleaning:

It prevents the risk of dryer vent damage

If you clean your dryer vent regularly, you decrease the risk of dryer damage. And when your dryer gets damaged less, you save yourself frequent repairs in the future.

It lowers the risk of dryer fire

The increased fire hazard comes from the fact that clogged vents makes the dryer to overheat. When there is an excess lint amount inside the dryer vent lines, the air flow is obstructed. When there is  lint build-up inside the vents, the risk of fire happening is increased. That’s because a dryer vent works by emitting hot moist air. When the dryer vent lines are filled with lint or debris build up, this doesn’t allow  the free air flow. And as lint is flammable it catches fire easily. 

It reduces the electricity bill

Regular dryer vent cleaning has in fact economic benefits to your household energy bill. The process of dryer vent cleaning actually pays for itself.

It prolongs the life of the dryer vent

When you are getting your dryer vent regularly cleaned, this actually keeps it in a good condition for longer. 

It boosts the efficiency of your dryer vent

Clogs and lint buildup inside the dryer vents can decrease the efficiency of your dryer. Your laundry will need more time to dry fully. As a result this can affect the quality of the clothes. For this reason, if you want to save your clothes from damage, you need to ensure your dryer vents are properly cleaned.

When a dryer vent is regularly cleaned, the dryer will dry the clothes faster. And there will be less lint stuck on them. Regular dryer vent cleaning ensures faster dry cycles for your clothes and lower utility use.

Regular dryer vent cleaning in fact helps your dryer vent to do its job in an efficient way. 

How to know whether your dryer vent needs cleaning? 

There are some warning signs to watch for in order to learn if your dryer it’s clogged and it needs cleaning. Check if your dryer is overheating or if there is lint accumulated behind the appliance, on the laundry or on the door seal. This means you should clean your dryer vent to ensure its proper function.

Another sign for a dryer vent damage can be also increased moisture levels, carbon monoxide buildup and mold and mildew development inside the laundry room.

When our dryer vent lines are clogged with debris the work of  your dryer is compromised.The drying times can double or triple. And this is not good for your clothes. 

When there are clogs of dirt inside the dryer vent, the dryer works harder to dry your laundry. A dryer vent that is clogged wastes more energy. And this results in a higher energy bill for the household. By getting your dryer vent regularly cleaned, you can save money on electricity. 

You can also notice that your clothes are not fully dry at the end of a regular drying cycle. Another sign is when the outside surface of the dryer is hot. This shows that the dryer vent isn’t exhausting properly. 

When the clogs inside a dryer vent are not cleaned, the heating element and the blower wears out more quickly. This will create the need for more dryer vent repairs in the future. 

Another sign that your dryer vent needs cleaning is when the vent hood flap doesn’t open the right way. 

If you want to get your dryer vent perfectly cleaned, you should better contact a professional cleaning company. SkySWC is a certified cleaning company with rich experience in dryer vent cleaning services. SkySWC teams use high grade professional equipment and quality products to ensure proper dryer vent cleaning.