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My English school in Singapore

Young children need to be educated how to succeed in life. There is a saying that the school doesn’t have to teach your kids certain facts but have to teach them how to learn these facts. Every school should focus on nurturing creative learners. Don’t mislead yourself into thinking there is a creative learning without curiosity and criticism. These three things are the most important your kid have to master in the school.

English schools in Singapore are not a rare event but finding a good English School that will develop creativity, curiosity, and criticism is not easy at all.

My English School has strong foundations in English teaching and Literacy. There are plenty studies that prove there is a link between success in learning new things and the ability to cope with life and society. Not only first few years are extremely important, but we may say that they are developing the foundation of the personality. This is a very short explanation why parents should ensure optimum conditions for their children to cope with learning new things. As almost every part of human’s body, a brain is developing, too. First years of the child are essential, especially from 1 to 5. According to studies, 90% of the brain is formed during first 5, 6 six years. Showing how significant is a good primary school education, another research proves that kids who can’t read during their first 2 years at school, couldn’t be able to read ever.

Having the ability to read and successfully to follow recommendations of the teacher is essential for successful life.

My English School in Singapore provides the need of qualified educators and a good reading programme. My English Reading Programme is suitable for young children who should learn how to pronounce properly in the English Language. Singapore has more than one official language because there are a lot of people coming from different part of the globe. The English language is the official language in schools and in business so every child should be able to communicate properly. My English Primary Programme gives the foundation for future school education and communication skills. It is extremely important every child has a fair start and sometimes language could be an obstacle. The curriculum is constantly updating because phonics classes in Singapore are constantly developing. Phonics classes are helping children to pronounce easier completely new words and to read them properly without knowing their meaning. Professional teachers pronounce phonics slowly and students repeat after them. There are a lot of games and songs included in the curriculum. At one phonics class in My English Reading Programme only a few students participate because teachers should pay enough attention to all of them. If the class is consisted by 20 kids, this won’t be possible.

The most important thing for every school is the professionalism of teachers. My English School has native-level English-speaking teachers who provide the best phonics education in Singapore. Teaching young children and intriguing them to follow your task is not an easy task and only really experienced educators could do it.

Quality English literacy is essential for children not only they will be better in school but because they will communicate easier with their classmates. Educational journey is just one step in real life and good communication skills give children an enormous amount of benefits. Phonics class provides basic skills in phonemic awareness, listening, speaking and building an oral fluency. Vocabulary expansion and reading comprehension are both advantages that every child gets at the end of the class. My English School is suitable for every child who wants to speak and read fluent English language.