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Why should every woman see gynecologist at least once every year?

A gynecologist is a type of doctor that is specialized in women health. It is not like women need a different doctor for their general health but their reproductive system does. Gynecologists need additional education and take care of pregnant women, too. This is what most people know about them, but they do a lot more things that are not so popular. However, every woman should see a gynecologist at least once every year. No matter gynecologists are doctors, and they will take care of their patients, the first one who should take responsibility is the woman herself.

In Doctorxdentist.com, a gynecologist from Singapore talks about her own pregnancy and her appointments. If you are afraid of doctors, don’t worry they are there to help you. Every doctor visitation can be stressful but some of them are mandatory.

When I should go for the first time

This topic is sensitive for most women. Going to gynecologists, not a big deal so you should not postpone it forever. My first visiting was in teenage years and I think it was just on time. If you have to book an appointment for your daughter, have in mind that she should go to the doctor’s office by herself, gynecologists are not like plastic surgeons. Usually, attendants are not allowed. Before booking an appointment, you should speak with your daughter and talk about babies, and “where they come from”. It is not a good idea to book an appointment for her without leading this conversation.

When you go for the first time, try to be consistent and visit your gynecologist at least once every year. If you notice something unusual about your woman health, book an appointment as soon as possible. Another reason can be delaying your month period and you want to check if everything is OK. Sometimes woman period is not regular but this is due to hormonal changes or other factors. In any case, you should visit your gynecologist in Singapore and find out what is the reason.

What should you expect during your examination?

First, don’t panic. Gynecologists are there to explain to you things so if you have some questions ask them no matter how stupid they sound. A big part of your visitation is talking and explaining things so don’t worry if you don’t know everything and need more explanation. Every good gynecologist in Singapore will take enough time to explain to you in depth everything you need to know. He might ask you a question about your previous health conditions and your love life. Don’t be surprised by these questions, because the love life matters for this examination. If you are not having a love life, just admitted.

Don’t lie your gynecologist.

My grandma always said to me that in doctor’s office and in the church, you should say everything. Don’t be afraid to admit things you have done or you haven’t. Trust me, they have heard worse than yours. During your examination, your gynecologist may take from you some samples. Gynecologists do that because women reproductive system should be checked regularly for cancer cells or some cells that are going to turn into cancer ones.

Gynecologists are doctors so everything you will say to them will be a secret. Booking an appointment and paying attention to your health is not something to be ashamed of so be brave and do it.