Eyebag removal – natural methods

30 October

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Eyebag removal – natural methods

Do you remember last time you don’t have eyebags under your eyes? Yes! Then you are lucky. Most of the people have constant eyebags and can’t remove them. Lack of sleep and stress are causing tired face look which could destroy our good appearance. Aging is another reason why your skin under your eyes is looser and darker. Puffy eyes can make every woman feel not enough pretty and fresh. But not only women are affected; men are victims of this cosmetic issue, too. Realizing how hard it is to get rid of your eyebags we have gathered for you some natural methods. Have in mind that these are natural solutions and their effect is temporary. If you need a permanent effect, then you should check what scarless eye bag surgery is.

If you have allergies, try to control their symptoms. Every spring people start sneezing and this is the signal that allergies are coming back. Every allergy affects eyes and their puffiness. So if you are one of those people who have allergic symptoms, take care of them.

Salt is the reason why many people have high blood pressure. Except this health effect salt is causing fluid retention to your body. The result is puffy eyes every morning after eating a salty pizza. Avoiding salty food is good for your health and your skin, too.

Aging causes changes in our bodies. As long as we do some exercise we will delay them, though. Surprisingly there are exercises for our face muscles — face yoga. With these kinds of exercises, we could tighten a little bit our face muscles and reverse the aging effect.

What exactly are the bags under eyes?

They are fluids which are gathering in the eye area. Sleeping on our backs could prevent these fluids to fill eye area. This method is possible because you can`t stop the gravity.

Makeup is the best friend of our eyebags. If you don’t remove your makeup before going to bed, we guarantee you that in the morning you will regret it and you will have one reason more to check eyebags removal procedures, says Israrwong.com.

Alcohol is another reason for loose skin around your eyes. Alcohol beverages dehydrate our bodies. Our skin becomes sunken and dark. If you change the glass of wine with a glass of water, your body will thank you. Water hydrates us but also flush toxins. We recommend drinking more than 6 glasses water every day in order to stay well-hydrated and your skin to receive everything needed.

Everyone knows that cigarettes are very dangerous for our health. But do you know that they dry out the water from our bodies and increase aging signs? Every professional dermatologist can recognize if you are a smoker or not only by looking your skin.



OK! But what if you wake up and your eyes are already swollen?

You should apply on them wet compress or cucumber slices and your youthful appearance is guaranteed. Another really relaxing compress is tea bags with essential oils. But if you don’t have any you should use a simple cucumber or old tea bags. The additional advice is to freeze tea bags in your freezer and then to apply them on your eyelids for several minutes. This eye bag removal method is really relaxing and refreshing. We promise you will want to do it regularly.

Never expose your skin to direct the sun without protection. Your eyes do not deserve to be dried out during your sunbaths. There are a lot of UV-protected eyeglasses and creams which you could use to prevent your skin from burning.

You should receive more collagen with your food. Collagen is the main ingredient in our muscles, bones, and skin. That’s why we need it badly. There are a lot of ways to increase the collagen in our bodies including collagen protein powder.

Using egg whites is another good eye bag removal practice. You should break 2 eggs and separate their whites. After this cooking procedure, you should apply the whites on your skin gently. Leave it to dry for several minutes and rinse. Eggs will give you a fresh look and will whiten a little bit your skin.

Another vegetable you could use is a potato. Potatoes will help you to get rid of puffy eyes effectively because they have anti-inflammatory properties. Don’t apply potato slice directly on your skin, though. Tie in some cloth slices and then put them on your skin. You should stay with the compress longer — 20 minutes.

If you have a bottle of milk in your fridge, you could use it too. When you realize that you will have to cope with puffy eyes, don’t forget about the milk. You should dip some pads in chilled milk and placed them on your face for 20 minutes. There is a reason why Cleopatra has taken milk baths!

There are a lot of good practices which could reduce your eyebags. Unfortunately, most of them are not very useful when the eyebags are inherited and stubborn to remove. Have in mind that there is always an option for an eye bag removal surgery if you want some permanent solutions.

Eyebag removal – natural methods
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