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There are good bacteria in water pipes.

Water is one of those things that scientists proceed to explore. There is no living creature on the planet that can survive without water no matter if it lives in it or drink it. It is the most important thing, and we should pay more attention to it. There are many studies of magical liquid ingredients and properties but as we may notice, they are not enough.

Most of us use an alkaline water filter in Singapore, and we are happy that we drink healthy water that improves our well-being, said from Triple Lifestyle. Scientists in Sweden have found out that the one in pipes may contain some healthy bacteria. Together with purification plants, millions of healthy bacteria help our bodies to adapt to an environment.



What we drink?

In every glass with pure water, there are a million bacteria, which just live in it. This is completely normal – clean water should contain bacteria. They come from the pipes because in every pipe there is a biofilm. Biofilm is the layer that covers pipe from the inside. Bacteria in treatment plant form it. In the past scientist considered that there are some bacteria in the pipes but don’t think they are so many. After this study, they are convinced that not only the bacteria are million, but they are different. So there is a diversity which may affect differently to our health condition. That’s why we feel differently when we drink from other places, not our hometown. These results make scientist to think more carefully about the quality of water in different areas. There is a chance, that difference to affect our health in general.

We all know how important is drinking pure water. There are countries where it is hard to find and people die daily from infected water. Our body depends on the quality of water and the proof of this is cholera and diarrhea. If this was not true people wouldn’t die from them. Unfortunately, there are millions of people, who suffer from this. A big part of them are children who can’t adapt to dirty water and their bodies lean with time.

Why we drink water through water purifier in Singapore?

Water filtration system in Singapore can make our body healthier. This doesn’t mean that water coming from the pipes is not, it means that it could be more. People are so careful what they eat but most don’t even think about what they drink. What if there is an opportunity to drink alkaline water from a filter and our immune system benefits from it. If we know so little about it, why don’t we use the knowledge we already have? In Singapore most people really live a healthy life and adding an alkaline water filter is one little addition to big results.

Scientists have proven that alkaline water can improve the performance of people who are training hard. The reason is simple, alkaline water brings more oxygen to vessels through the blood, and we all know that more oxygen means better shape. That’s why every sport pays attention to breathing and oxygen supply. In addition, if we don’t have enough oxygen while we train then we feel dizzy and in bad mood. Alkaline water changes all this easily. The magic happens when alkaline water filter separates the molecules of the water and it becomes with higher pH. Higher pH helps our body to fight against acids from unhealthy food, caffeine, and smoking. They cause stress and lower vitality. Alkaline water filter helps people get rid of them easily.