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Physiotherapy in Singapore: Physiotherapy Exercises You Can Do at your home

Physiotherapy is what people need after a bone break or during a heavy sports regime. Physiotherapy is a method, which combines different techniques for relieving pain. Sometimes it is provided with medication sometimes without. Physiotherapy in Singapore includes exercises, which people can do by themselves at home easily. We gathered the most useful exercises  – some of them are from Pilates, some of them comes from Yoga. Dig deeper into our little physiotherapy in Singapore at home guide.

What you should know for physiotherapy in general?

Athletes who have heavy sports regime usually rush with exercises and this is a mistake. Physiotherapy exercises have to be performed slowly and patiently. Every muscle and ligament should have necessary attention. The idea of physiotherapy is to restore the previous strength and mobility of the clients or to improve his/her performant.

People shouldn`t try to reach their maximum at first. If they feel some type of pain they should stop immediately. Sharp movements should be avoided especially if the reason for physiotherapy is previous trauma or incident. At first, the best number of repetitions for one exercise is 5 times. In future, when the patient gains some muscle strength the number of repetitions can be increased.

If the patient is targeting his leg muscles then better slowly move them. Rushing can ruin concentration and will reduce the effect of the physiotherapy. Legs and back are parts of the body that need physiotherapy most often. Reasons vary but mostly people overburden them. Back for example suffer when we sit at the desk 9 hours in a row while legs are really in pain when we are overweight.

Stretching and muscle strength is tough to gain so let`s find out how actual physiotherapy in Singapore in PhysioActive helps people to perform better and to recover faster. We will explain the most popular and effective exercises below.

What are the best physiotherapy back exercises?

Lie down on the floor and stretch your arms above your head. Your knees, calves and ankles should lie on the floor calmly. Point your fingers and lift one leg. Bend it knee and hug it with arms. Change legs and repeat 5 times each. The exercise will relieve pain in the back and will stretch one of the big muscles in the thighs.

Next exercise is in standing position. Arms are dropped next to the body. You should bend to the left side without lifting arms. The left arm should try to reach the ankle – it can`t actually reach it so it will only slide on the left thigh. The pressure goes into the lower back and love handles. Try not to pulse but to press. Don`t stay in this position more than a few seconds. When you are ready, repeat it on the other side.

What are the best physiotherapy neck exercises?

Slouching is something most people do when they walk. If you look around, you will notice how many people have the wrong body position when they walk. Their number increases at the end of the working day. So neck is the next thing that physiotherapy in Singapore has paid more attention.

young woman with neck pain neck physiotherapy
  • Stand up and look in front of you. The whole body should be still. Move your head slowly in the upper direction – you should see the ceiling. Try to find something interesting in it and observe it for a few seconds. Repeat it at least 5 times.
  • The same exercise but with a new direction. This time try to point your head below and to see if something interesting is happening on the floor. Check carefully for at least 5 seconds.
  • Another version of the same exercise is changing the direction of the head – left and right. Again, you should hold for a little longer.

What are the best physiotherapy feet exercises?

Legs and feet are an important part of healthy mobility that`s why physiotherapy included feet exercises also. If you want to be extremely delicate with your feet sit on a chair. This way your body will be calm and you will be able to control your feet completely. The first exercise is simple – raise your toes and hold for a second. Then curl them and repeat. While you are sitting on the chair, drop some napkin on the floor and try to lift it with your feet. The third exercise – point your fingers and lift your feet from the ground. You can support your body with arms on the chair. Make circles with your ankles both directions for 5 repetitions.

The last one exercise is for advance or for people who have strong ankles and calves – make tip toe for 10 times while standing.