“Plastic surgeons should be driven by love of people”, says Doctor Samuel Ho

28 October

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“Plastic surgeons should be driven by love of people”, says Doctor Samuel Ho

Being a plastic surgeon in Singapore is not easy. Most plastic surgeons don’t choose at first this medical direction because there is a lot of competition. Doctor Samuel Ho very often points out that plastic surgery practice has chosen him before he chose it. Plastic surgery area in Singapore is really high competitive and to survive you have to be the best.

Dr. Samuel Ho has a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery in the National University of Singapore. His professional career started from Singapore. In 2010, he became first Advanced Surgical Trainee in Tan Tock Seng Hospital which was a significant achievement. In addition, the same year he took Plastic Surgery Exit Examinations first and was rewarded with Gold Medal. This Gold Medal was given to him by College of Surgeons. He developed several new techniques in nasal and facial reconstruction and breasts augmentation. In addition, he was teaching at LKC School of Medicine and YLL School of Medicine because there is nothing more important than spreading the new practices.

Dr. Samuel Ho’s achievements didn’t stay unnoticed. The results of his efforts were valued, and he was invited to publish a chapter in Grabb’s Encyclopedia of Flaps. This book is really important for every plastic surgeon who wants to develop his skills according to the newest practices. Usually, specialists call it the textbook of plastic surgeons. However, it was not long after when he was awarded fellowship in Health Manpower Development Programme in Korea. Doctor Samuel Ho was trained by one of the best Korean surgeons in Seoul. “Improving his own skills daily is an obligation of every medical specialist,” says Dr. Samuel Ho. In South Korea, he has improved his skills and acquired some additional techniques in upper and lower eyelid surgery, nose reconstruction, and breasts enlargement procedure.

Natural results should be the optimal outcome of every plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is famous with improvements which are considered as fake and not enough natural. Fortunately, this trend is vanishing from society and the natural breasts are fashionable again. “Creating breasts that look like natural or face that is harmonious — these are the signs of professionalism and a good plastic surgeon” — adds Doctor Samuel Ho. The experienced surgeon creates so-called “improved normal”. There is no point of improving someone’s look if they don’t feel and look natural after the procedure.

Not every patient book an appointment to see a plastic surgeon because of vanity, some people had health issues.

There are plenty cases where people need plastic surgery to get back their normal look again. For example, women who have a breast cancer and their breasts were recently removed need not only a plastic surgery but support, too. Usually, these women are devastated and reconstructing their breasts back to normal gives them pure happiness. “If your work is meaningful depends on the smile of the patient”, says Doctor Samuel Ho. “Plastic surgeons should be driven by love of people”.

Self-esteem of women is really fragile because they have more body transformations in their lives than men. Every woman who has given birth knows how changed can be woman’s body after one pregnancy. Doctor Samuel Ho has a wife and two amazing kids. His personal experience is giving him the opportunity to become sympathetic to all imperfections that follow every pregnancy — stretch marks, loose breasts, tummy wrinkles. “Understanding how the patient is feeling is giving you the right view and you can easily determine the best treatment or type of surgery”, adds Dr. Samuel Ho.


“Plastic surgeons should be driven by love of people”, says Doctor Samuel Ho
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