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What is the Tooth implant cost in Singapore?

As you may know, being a dentist costs a lot. Dental education is expensive and people who want to work as dentists at DentalDesigns paid a lot of money during their educational process. Most people complain about the price of dental services, like tooth implant cost, but they don`t realize that the dentist is able to help them thanks to the investment he has done in the past for his education. If you have dentists for friends you may ask them if they had or still have student loans. We decided to determine the reasons for higher tooth implants cost in Singapore so keep on reading and you will know what we have found.

Singapore is a popular medical and dental center

Many countries in Asia are famous for their medical services. For example, Thailand is popular among people who want to change their gender, Korea is popular with experts in aesthetic procedures and etc. In general, if you need a quality medical or dental service you have to visit Asia. Singapore dentists usually receive their education abroad and go back to practice. As we mentioned already, their education is expensive. Coming back in Singapore they have to open their own dentist office so they money funding for equipment. Quality equipment is also expensive.

In addition, there are many good dentists so being different is a tough task. Competition might be crucial so new dentists have to offer expert service. They don`t have to feel insecure or to offer lower quality. Some of them make a mistake to offer lower prices but this is a mistake. People often suggest that there is some other reason for the lower prices like the lower quality of the service or lower quality of the equipment or etc. For example, tooth implant cost can be lower if the implant is cheap or the price is only for the implant but exclude other additional services.

What is the Tooth implant cost in Singapore?

It is between $4000 and $6000. It depends on the clinic and the procedure itself. We will list things one patient might need additionally:

  • Provisional;
  • Extraction of the roots;
  • Bone augmentation – sometimes bone need to be changed in order to make a stable foundation for the implant. Otherwise, the implant will fall down. Actually, tooth implant cost in DentalDesigns is so high because they are almost lifetime dental service;
  • Soft tissue treatment – treatment for infections and cleaning;
  • The abutment;
  • Crown;

All of these services have different prices in different dentist clinics.

In addition, don`t forget that the dentist will have his own commission and taxes. However, if you suspect that the price he offers is not expensive at all, better ask him what is included. He should explain to you in details how the price is formed. Have in mind that tooth implant is a long-term dental procedure so you don`t have to pay it every 3 months.

tooth implant x-ray image

Some topics patients should discuss with their dentist

Although, Singapore has huge medical popularity and there are amazing experts, don`t forget to ask if your dentist is certified by AAID. Don`t forget to ask how many appointments you will need because he probably has told you the cost of one. A very important part is to trust your dentist and his assessment.

Is it possible for an insurance company to pay the cost of a tooth implant?

Yes, some insurance companies include dental implant in their packages, but patients should ask first. There is another option – they might cover the cost of the tooth implant as a cost for traditional dentures or bridge. Again, the patient should ask first whether this is possible.