What was the last time you cracked a bone?

15 April

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What was the last time you cracked a bone?

When we are kids, we run around fast and often break things including our legs, knees or wrists. Orthopaedic surgeons are people who take care of our injuries and pain in situations like this. They are doctors who know more about skeletal system and bones. As you probably know, we have bones, muscles and ligaments that allow us to move freely and gracefully. We have found an orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore from Hcortho.sg who told us more about human skeleton and bones.

Probably some of you know that bones are one of the strongest parts of human body, after teeth enamel. Surprisingly bones are strong from the outside only. Their strength is thanks to calcium and mineral density. Latest researches show that Asian race has a decreasing mineral density in the bone structure. That’s why osteoporotic fractures happen to more and more people from Asian race. Orthopaedic in Singapore always recommend to people being careful with fractures.

Do you crack your knuckles?

Most people consider cracking knuckles for a sign of arthritis but in fact, it has nothing in common. It is true that people who have arthritis crack their knuckles often. However, cracking your knuckles doesn’t mean you have or you are predisposed to arthritis.

What do you know about skull bones?

An interesting fact is that bones are made of 50% water in the middle part. Another interesting fact is that there is just one moving bone in human head – the lower jaw bone. All the rest are motionless because they have to support the brain. Probably you know this but every bone in human body links to another bone except one – the hyoid. This one is responsible for speaking and our ability to pronounce sounds. Actually, in the skull, there are 22 different bones with five less than bones in the feet.

Orthopaedic surgeon’s report shows that young people break knees and ankles more than other bones

The longest bone in human body is called femur and connects knee with the pelvis. Although it is the longest there is a higher chance for you to break your knee than you’re your femur. Ankles and knees have a structure that is more complex. Two bones connect with each other thanks to ligaments and cartilage. In addition, according to a research femur is stronger than concrete and granite. Try to break granite. However, the strongest bone in human body is a jawbone. As we mentioned above it is a part of the skull so it should keep brain safe. Orthopaedic surgeons could explain you more about which bone, how hard is.

There is no such thing as heavy bones.

Every orthopaedic surgeon will confirm that “heavy bones” is not a real term. People have the same bones all over the world, and they don’t change due to race, age or height. Human bones are exact 14% of human weight so everyone who claims that his bones are heavier than yours – don’t trust him.

Which is the smallest bone?

We mentioned which one is the longest one now we will focus on the smallest. Although in our hands, there are many small bones that form fingers, the smallest one is in the middle ear. It is called the stapes and its length is just 2.5 cm.



We are not using the same bones all the time.

They remade little by little and form new bones. This process is continuous but its length from the beginning to the end is 7 years.

An interesting fact is that our height is changeable. During the day, we squeeze cartilages, and they become smaller until the evening. This happens repeatedly every day. Orthopaedic surgeons are great professionals who are able to save you from all back pain or traumas. If you feel that you need one, try to search for him in Singapore. Experienced orthopaedic surgeons there are not rareness.

What was the last time you cracked a bone?
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