Why you should have a credit card

02 November

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by kvision
Why you should have a credit card

Credit cards are something that almost everyone has today.

It allows you to buy things that you need when your money is not enough. It allows you to meet unexpected expenses. Imagine that you need some urgent home repair but you will receive your salary in a week. What are you going to do? Getting (those in Singapore comes with huge interest) or of course, use your credit card. At least this is the main idea behind this scary plastic card with numbers. However, the usage of credit cards in Singapore is increased double for the last 10 years. As long as technology allows us to improve our shopping habits, we are spending more and more money easily. It doesn’t matter if the product is that gorgeous black dress that you dream about or the urgent repair that we have written. Credit cards in Singapore are a modern tendency.

What if, there is a way of saving money with a credit card instead of spending them? Interesting, right? Having a credit card in Singapore allows you to gain some benefits. Have you ever heard of a debit card with reward? No? Because they don’t exist. The situation with credit cards is completely different. When you apply for a credit card in Singapore you can have welcoming bonus between $10 and $30 depending on the bank and the card. For example, if you apply for an HSBC VISA PLATINUM CREDIT CARD from Finty.com you will get $10. If you apply for a STANDARD CHARTERED VISA INFINITE CREDIT CARD you will get $30 cash. Some credit cards in Singapore have additional cashback which is received only by people who are new customers.

Some banks offer their clients to have a credit card with a cashback feature.

This means that if you are spending money you will save, too. CITI CASH BACK MASTERCARD can give you back up to 8% at restaurants, cafés, and shops; another great deal is VISA SIGNATURE CREDIT CARD form CIMB BANK — 10% cash back at restaurants, bars, and clubs all over the world. There is one specific type credit card that can give you higher cashback if you invest money in an investment account.

There are some credit cards which offer you great discounts if you have miles points. You earn a mile for every dollar you spent, sometimes you earn 2 miles per $1 overseas, like CITI PREMIERMILES VISA CARD. Of course, these miles are allowed in almost every airline across the world. And you can use them whenever you want.

Gathering points is a very popular bonus. People love to win things and points are the way to do it all the time. Of course how many points you will collect, depends on the amount which you will spend. In addition, credit cards in Singapore usually offer their clients some discounts for petrol. That is amazingly useful because if you pay with your credit card, you can have up to 20% discounts with HSBC VISA PLATINUM CREDIT CARD. It gives you 9% with HSBC card, 5% at site, 5% rebate and 2% with outdoor fuel payment.

One of our favorite bonuses is a priority for some theaters and shows. If you apply for an OCBC ARTS CREDIT CARD you will get priority booking for shows like The Theatre Practice, Singapore Lyric Opera, Singapore Dance Theatre, and Ding Yi Music Company. Another great bonus is weekend tickets for cinema.

As you may notice, there are plenty of ways to save some money from what you spend. Having a credit card means that for a while you will spend money that belongs to the bank.


Why you should have a credit card
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